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GIA (Griffin International Academy) is a premium international boarding school which offers a college styled K-12 curriculum using mentor-based teaching system set in a garden-like environment. Our teaching methods adopt an innovative approach that incorporates the best in Chinese and western education. GIA was founded through joint investments by GreatChina International Education Group and Chengdu City Construction Investment & Management Group Co. Ltd. It aims to enroll eligible students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries, and the school is slated to open in September of 2018. GIA campus is spread over an area of 54667m² with a total built-up area of 30,000 m² ,and is conveniently located in Longquanyi District, the center of Chengdu's "Eastern expansion" region which is only a 30 minutes'drive away from Taikoo Li and downtown Chengdu. 
  Top-classed accommodation and a state-of-the-art campus facilities are designed to offer an educational environment that enables students of different ages, background, advantages and interests to form their own self learning groups and communities. Guidance from teachers, mentors and senior schoolmates will stimulate the inherent talents and innate potentials in younger students and build their leadership, team spirit and social skills, which contributes to the healthy and comprehensive development of their body, mind, and character. Thematic interdisciplinary course system, integrated with humanity-oriented school-based curriculum and internationalized education methodologies, which include research-, experience-, game- and project-focused approaches, allow our students to develop a comprehensive system of knowledge, foster more progressive mindsets, and cultivate comprehensive capacity and personal qualities conducive to development and life in the future.
  Griffin International Academy encourages each student to consistently enhance themselves, empower and embolden those around them through positive energy, and continue to repay and improve society so as to grow up as an independent and empathetic leader for the world.


Griffin International Academy

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Email for Admissions:admission@griffinintl.org
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School address:   : No.699, Longdu North Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu
GIA Executive Office address: Floor 27, Building A, Fantasia Plaza, No.216, Xiadongda Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

School Council Member and Chief Principal Jessie Toh (Singapore)

Ms. Jessie Toh graduated from Singapore National University with a Master of Arts. She has over 30 years of teaching & school administration experience.  She was the Special Asst. Principal of The Affiliated High School of Peking University where she was responsible for school assessments, management, and operations. She was also the Executive council member of The Affiliated High School of Peking University Tianjin Donglihu School in which she made decisions on overall operations and management of the school. Before joining The Affiliated High School of Peking University, she acted as the Dean of Students Services, the Dean of the Languages Department, and the Dean of International Office at the Raffles Institution, a top institution of Singapore. During her tenure, Principal Jessie participated   in major education reforms for the institute.

School Council Member and Managing Vice Principal Eric Huang

Mr. Eric Huang holds a Master’s Degree of Education from University of Leeds in United Kingdom. He was the acting principal of a national well-known foreign language school in Guangzhou. He holds more than 20 years of experience in administration, teaching, and operations of International schools.

Vice Principal Annie Zhang

Miss. Annie Zhang holds a Bachelor Degree from Sichuan University, and a Master’s Degree from Nankai University. She has worked as a Vice Principal for Chengdu Longjianglu Primary School, and was a full-time education consultant in Harrow International Management Co., Ltd. (Founder of Harrow International School). Miss. Zhang has 20 years of teaching and management experience.


1:7 teacher-student ratio

Our teachers come from all over the world, and 95% of them hold a master or higher degrees from well-known universities.

Our teachers are good listeners with respectful attitudes, they inspire academic excellence, empathy, and international perspectives.

Integrating Chinese philosophy in global education, our teachers focus on each student's growth and development to inspire their utmost potential.

School Affairs Office, Principal Assistant Principal Assistant: Jean Xu
Human Resources Department,HR Supervisor: HR Supervisor: Fiona Chi
School Affairs Office, Officer of School Affairs Office Viki Wang
Purchasing & Property Management Department,Officer of Purchasin Cheng Zhang
Admission and Marketing Department, officer of Admission & Marke Abby Yu